The Twelve Point Plan

Visit The Platform On Each Of These Twelve Points

1. To Make America Great and Christian Again

2. We Will Defend The Human Person At The First Moments Of Conception To Their Natural Death.

From June 2nd 2017

3. Advance The Reign Of Jesus Christ King Of Kings

4. To Amend The U.S. Constitution, To Enshrine The Blood Of Christian Patriots Who Won Our Freedoms and Independence

5. Drain The Swamp and Dismantle The Deep State

6. Upholding The Freedom Of Speech and Civil Liberties Of Christians In All Aspects Of General Life.

7. Rededicate U.S. Foreign Policy To The Defense Of Christians Everywhere and the Opposition To Globalism

8. Restore The Pre-Civil War State Rights and Abolish The Federal Ownership Of State Lands and Return Said Lands Back To The States

9. Repay The National Debt

10. Abolish The Department Of Education

11. Reducing The Size Of Government

12. Ending Federal Income Tax For Those Who Make 100,000 or less than this amount. So, we will Abolish The IRS. Those who do pay taxes, money will go directly to the treasury.

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