The Platform

To Make America Great and Christian Again
Federal and State Issue
Creating A True Christian Republic

Creating A New Form Of Government In America is key to restoring it to how John Adams and the Founders wanted it, not with the dangers of the Constitution where there is something worse than what we left; Great Britain.

Where a small but certain elite families, all connected rule and control every little thing of American Government and Business. All this must come to an end.

As we said in video 10 up above on John Adams, the Swamp must be broken up and Powers Of Government removed from Washington D.C. into the Heart Of The Country.

The Christian Government Should Not Be Faithful To The Constitution, but to the Revolutionists Who Fought and Died For America’s Independence.

We Shall Restore America Back To Her True Government, The Articles Of Confederation Of 1777, where the council of governors; means the States have the power.

State Issue

We Would Restore The Rule That The State Legislators Chose The Members Of The U.S. Senate and House and The People Would Pick Their Leaders; The Two Presidents or President and Prime Minister.

To Vote, Your ID Card with Your Special Number would be called, You Would Go Before The Candidates and a Camera would record you telling the Candidate who do you choose and that way, no one can cheat or steal your vote or steal an election. If someone is there pretending to be you, best way to arrest the faker, is to point them out and show them to your family, this way the faker will be identified and arrested posing as you.

If you cannot speak for whatever medical reason, same process, you go in-front of the candidates, the camera records you, you open up your letter saying directly who you are voting for and then you personally hand that letter to the candidate. It is in the hands of the candidate’s team; both the letter and video evidence of your vote.

By this, America will be free, Christian and Anti-Masonic and Free and True Elections From Now On!

Legal Immigrants
and State Issue
As we restore America to be a Christian Nation, we would want to help bring over Christian Refugees and help them become Legal Immigrants; so they can get their life together and live in peace, then when it is safe for them to return to their homeland, help them do so. It is so important that Christians can live in peace, even for a time in another country, then return home to their Traditional Homeland, so the Christian Faith does not die out there. This is totally different than Trump in stopping 90% Of Christian Refugees Into America.

Illegal Immigrants
and State Issue
If any unlawful immigrants are still in the country from past failed governments, and have done petty crimes; we will use the special paint that is made to help track people, that even though the color washes off, it still marks you by black light or infrared light. You will be sent back to your country with your entire family. If it is just you, you will be sent back.

Now, there are so numerous of cases where these Illegal Immigrants kill or sexually assault people; like Don Roberto Malgesini; those are quick trials which lead to capital punishment at the end. No more allowing these monsters from a foreign country come into our country illegally, hurt or kill our citizens and then we just deport them or some quack communist Democrat releases them, no more. If they flee back over the border, that is where the Office Of Bounty Hunter will come in handy, to bring them back for justice.

Restoring Of American Ship Building
We need to restore the Great Tradition Of Making Proper Ships In American. This way we do not need to focus on buying ships from foreign countries and this would totally restore the Metal Industry, Iron Industry and Wood Industry and Fabric Industry where the Sails are sown.

All this would revive the Textile Industry.

The ship makers would not have to pay taxes, or any taxes on said goods needed to build the ships.

Ships should not be for just those with lots of money or for pleasure. The ships that was created and sailed during the American Revolution, would be revived and built once again, these would be for educational purposes “to be run as non-profit to teach Maritime History”, to show how men ran the ships to protect the colonies from the British, also to show how America’s navy was ran better back then under John Paul Jones, than it is now.

This way, if we ever need to make ships in a hurry, like in our early years, we could make them properly.

Restoring The FAA
State & Federal Issue
Honoring The Hero and Great Pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger
This man who saved all the lives in the airbus accident that happened from bird strikes against the engine and landed the plane in such a way that it would float on the water, will be finally recognized as a hero, his pilot’s wings restored and promoted to head the Flight Safety and the Federal Aviation Administration. We need him to teach all pilots to handle their plane and crew as he did.

We Need To Reform The U.S. Military Back To Being A Christian Army Who Fought For Our Independence, Not A Masonic Military!
Federal Issue
Soon, we will give our comments on what Tucker Carlson covered last night, September 8th, 2020 about what they are teaching at the Military Academies. These Military Academies Need To Be Restored To Places Of Great Honor and Learning. We will give the cadets a year off, clean out the libraries of the filth of these Communist Liberals, fire all bad professors and then begin to create a Proper Education System, where you learn in the classroom, on the drill ground and on the training battlefield.

It is here, you will become True Christian Warriors and Leaders Of Christian Men.
We will restore a proper entrance to the academies, only Christians will be selected and allowed to enter. You must not have any influences, attachments to the Masonic Lodge or Masonic Organizations. You must also, come from a very religious background that knows the Natural Law. This will go for anyone in the enlisted, volunteer or even the brass ranks of the Military.

Those who suffer Gender Dysphoria cannot be admitted to the Armed Forces Of America out of caution for National Security.

Any soldier or officer, who rapes a fellow soldier or officer, will face the death penalty. We Will Make Sure What Happened To Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, Who Defended An Afghan Boy Against An Afghan Soldier Trying To Sexually Abuse The Boy, Never Happens Again. Anyone who defends a person or stops a sexual assault, will be promoted and honored as a hero.

We want our men in the military, to be Godfearing, Soldiers Of Christ and Be God’s Army, Navy and Air Force! Saint Joan Of Arc and Saint Michael The Archangel will be your patron saints, plus the Saints Of The Crusades! Imitate Them!

How To Help Truckers
We must cancel ethanol and the diesel made from algae. Why cancel Ethanol? 1. It hurts the environment and takes so much energy to make it, and then when the engines fail, it takes so much time for the mechanics to fix them.

2. By using up corn to make ethanol, it takes the food away from the people. No food products should be used in making fuel. So all agriculture can not be made into fuel.

Now, the EPA crazy regulations about the special Algae Diesel Fuel and Emissions Things they put onto the trucks of the Truckers and in their engines, they have caused numerous engines to fail and even given my dad’s truck problems. All this nonsense, must be done away with and no more Algae Diesel Fuel.

By the important role of Truckers, with their small pay, and the numerous days away from their loved ones and the job is very tiresome; I should know, I was one with my dad; helping him before John Deere changed rules and road truck with him on long hauls; so the Truckers will not have to pay income tax, if they need to buy a new truck and trailer, they won’t have to pay any excise tax on it.

I have heard and seen images on Facebook, during the madness at the start of the Covid nonsense, how big box stores would not allow them to park in their giant, empty parking lots and how some big Truck Stops stopped serving truckers; these places would face a giant fine for refusing to serve or help a trucker, who are essential to the National Economy.

Restoration Of American Craftsmanship
State Issue

Restoring The American Craft Of Hand Made Leatherworking will have a special tax free status, and any loans they need to get all the equipment tan the hides, to cure the hides and hand tools, will be an interest free loan.

This way, these few people with this amazing talent, will be back to work, doing what they love, to preserve American History, Culture and Art.

To make sure, that any craftsman can protect their designs and special handmade products, they will be able to facilitate a copyright and patent for it, this way, to protect themselves against thieves who would sell the design to some box store to mass produce it with cheap material.

Properly Taking Care Of Wounded Veterans
State Issue

Since the Swamp Of The Veteran Association Hospital System can’t truly be drained, it will be need to be fully abolished and restarted properly. Competent Doctors who will not abuse the wounded Veterans and the time for appointments and surgeries will not be days, weeks, nor months; but when the veteran needs to see their doctor, they just go.

With the reforming of all things Healthcare, Medicine and Medical Equipment Prices, the outrageous prices charged by the VA will not happen and when a soldier signs up to defend the Christian Faith, the people and his country, all medical needs of the soldier or family at no cost to them.

We will work with the Veteran Groups; those who do the mortgage free housing, but we will want to make sure all houses are built properly with good materials and no problems will develop.

This way, no family of a Wounded Warrior or Fallen Warrior will not lack in anything & are properly taken care of & honored as they should be.

Giving America A Christian National Anthem
Federal Issue

“Jerusalem, my happy home,
When shall I come to thee?
When shall my sorrows have an end?
Thy joys when shall I see?

O happy harbor of the saints!
O sweet and pleasant soil!
In thee no sorrow may be found,
No grief, no care, no toil.

In thee no sickness may be seen,
No hurt, no ache, no sore;
There is no death nor ugly devil,
There is life for evermore.

No dampish mist is seen in thee,
No cold nor darksome night;
There every soul shines as the sun;
For God himself gives light.

There lust and lucre cannot dwell;
There envy bears no sway;
There is no hunger, heat, nor cold,
But pleasure every way.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
God grant that I may see
Thine endless joy, and of the same
Partaker ay may be!

Thy walls are made of precious stones,
Thy bulwarks diamonds square;
Thy gates are of right orient pearl;
Exceeding rich and rare;

Thy turrets and thy pinnacles
With carbuncles do shine;
Thy very streets are paved with gold,
Surpassing clear and fine;

Thy houses are of ivory,
Thy windows crystal clear;
Thy tiles are made of beaten gold—
O God that I were there!

Within thy gates nothing doth come
That is not passing clean,
No spider’s web, no dirt, no dust,
No filth may there be seen.

Aye, my sweet home, Jerusalem,
Would God I were in thee:
Would God my woes were at an end,
Thy joys that I might see.

Thy saints are crowned with glory great;
They see God face to face;
They triumph still, they still rejoice
Most happy is their case.

We that are here in banishment
Continually do mourn:
We sigh and sob, we weep and wail,
Perpetually we groan.

Our sweet is mixed with bitter gall,
Our pleasure is but pain:
Our joys scarce last the looking on,
Our sorrows still remain.

But there they live in such delight,
Such pleasure and such play,
As that to them a thousand years
Doth seem as yesterday.

Thy vineyards and thy orchards are
Most beautiful and fair,
Full furnished with trees and fruits,
Most wonderful and rare.

Thy gardens and thy gallant walks
Continually are green:
There grow such sweet and pleasant flowers
As nowhere else are seen.

There is nectar and ambrosia made,
There is musk and civet sweet;
There many a fair and dainty drug
Is trodden under feet.

There cinnamon, there sugar grows,
Here nard and balm abound.
What tongue can tell or heart conceive
The joys that there are found?

Quite through the streets with silver sound
The flood of life doth flow,
Upon whose banks on every side
The wood of life doth grow.

There trees for evermore bear fruit,
And evermore do spring;
There evermore the angels be,
And evermore do sing.

There David stands with harp in hand
As master of the choir:
Ten thousand times that man were blessed
That might this music hear.

Our Lady sings Magnificat
With tune surpassing sweet,
And all the virgins bear their part,
Sitting at her feet.

There Magdalen hath left her moan,
And cheerfully doth sing
With blessèd saints, whose harmony
In every street doth ring.

Jerusalem, my happy home,
Would God I were in thee!
Would God my woes were at an end
Thy joys that I might see!” The Masons stole this music and removed these Catholic Lyrics and gave us America The Beautiful, which we will correct and restore the proper words and this shall be our National Anthem.

On Banning Excess Violence In Films
State Issue
Now, there is an exception, if it is to portray a war film properly and show the people what they experienced or if it is to portray the suffering of Our Lord in His Passion and Death, that shall be allowed. Excessive Violence for any other reason, shall be outlawed in films that just want to make bloody movie to shock the audience.

We will also ban and outlaw all pornographic material and items, those who create such garbage, shall be found and put in prison for the rest of their life and doing extreme penance for the numerous souls they helped to steal for the devil and numerous families broken up.

Handling Deadly Riots
State Issue

If, what happens like in Portland Oregon, happens again, we will not be slow to act and we will not show mercy to those causing violence and acting as an occupation force to hurt the citizens of Oregon and America, we will follow the example of Saint King Louis IX and Saint King Stephen Of Hungary in deploying the forces to stomp this violent and deadly insurrection out, hunting down all involved and arresting them; even if they be local politicians and those in the media.

Those who defended them in either the media or local, state or federal level politicians would be charged with treason, depending the level of support would determine their fate.

Police Reform
State Issue

We will restore the Police Reform of August Vollmer“The policeman’s job is the highest calling in the world. The men who do that job should be the finest men. They should be the best educated. They should be college graduates. That’s what policemen should be. And what are they? Dumbbells.” We want Police who will be the best candidate, not Politically motivated, but someone who will take the job seriously, has not a ounce of racism in his body.

Ordo Militaris Radio TV did an amazing program on it:The History Of Policing In The English Speaking World, Please Watch It.

It Is Also Up To The States To Decide On Restoring The Office Of Night Watchmen to be in small communities and towns across the state, where police, fire and rescue is not in the city or is too far from the neighborhood and business areas. With the excess of resources and funds by all of these new jobs, less taxes, each community should have a Unit Of Well Trained and Well Equipped Night Watchmen.

State Issue
It is time to restore Farming and get rid of all the dangerous pesticides used to kill bugs or whatever is sprayed to “protect the crops”. To keep the crops pesticide free, there must be something better to spray on crops to keep it healthy, that does not poison the food or even when the farmers use the giant water sprayer that mixes in the spray, it doesn’t run off into the ground water.

The farm equipment should not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, that is around $250,000 to $500,000 dollars of equipment and should not be so complicated that farmers can’t work on it or fix it themselves, so all this modern computerized equipment needs to be done away withFarmers did better I thought, and from my personal experience in driving tractor when the tractors were easy to run and easy to hook up; I mean the simplest or slightest computer system to help run the ripper to prepare the ground and then planter to plant the crops.

To help bring water to different States that are in droughts most of the time, America needs a giant Aqueduct to catch the rain waters and filter it, so clean and fresh water can be sent through this Aqueduct to different regions and states who need water. By this, we can grow all the grains and crops we need to feed everyone in America and depend on Fresh American Food.

Also, we must take back our farm lands from Bill Gates & any enemies of the United States, clear the land, burn it, so the ground will be pure again, so fresh, all natural foods can be grown, to restore fresh fruits, grains, and produce to the stores, no longer have fake modified foods in our stores.

This falls in with getting rid of the Federal BLM Land, so that ranchers can raise and let their cattle graze as was done in the good ole days of the West.

The Stock Markets need to be fixed, no longer bought by China, at least the Chicago Market where the Cattle Prices are done at, because the price to sell cattle is super low, but the price of beef at the store is expensive. It should be the other way, cattle should be sold high and a good price, so the ranchers can make a good living and we who eat beef, can do so without going broke. Also, we want good and fresh beef with no additives or preservatives, farm grazed beef to market.

Lastly, if the ranchers want to, and what an awesome site to see, cattle drives to markets; that are at Wichita, Abilene and a few other towns; these towns are cow-towns and should remember their history and restore their purpose.

The Restoration Of The Restaurants and Diners
Local Issue

This is from a Chef on June 1 2023 Regarding The Amount Of Taxes He Has To Pay:

Currently, Restaurants, Diners, Taverns, have to pay taxes on their property, on tips, on the credit card, liquor tax, sales tax, payroll tax, then also healthcare tax. This is way too many Taxes, not to mention having to pay Federal, State and sometimes Local Tax as well.

With us restoring our nation back to the Articles Of Confederation, restoring the rights of the States to Pre-Civil War Era. These places to eat and meet; it is time we too get back to how it was.

I propose a massive tax refund to owners of restaurants, diners, taverns; so they can put that money they earned back into their business to keep it updated and if it needs new ovens, stoves, fridges, etc, they can be purchased with this tax refund.

The waiters, cooks, bartenders, no taxes on their hard earned wages.

There will be another Tax Refund, so that all restaurants, taverns, diners can purchase the building outright & will not have to make payments or pay rent.

If they know a true American Craftsman that is a brewer, they will have all the paperwork needed, this way if you are of age & want to drink, you will be able to serve the freshest beer, wine, liquors.

Also, restaurants should partner with American Craftsmen who are artisan bakers, cheese makers, creameries, so you will have the best breads, pies, cakes, cheeses, even ice cream for your paying customers. No longer having to pay for the stuff that comes in via processed foods that are more expensive, but work with the locals, lower the food cost but raise the quality to the highest.

Fixing The Banks and Stock Markets
State Issue and State Control

This seems like a good report by American Banker: To Restore Trust In Banks, Build Ethics Into Business Decisions From personal experience in helping a Catholic Organization To Protect Persecuted Christians, banks to do not want to work with Catholics who are 100% Authentic In Faith and Found A Legal & Lawful Company To Defend Persecuted Christians, this bias against either Catholics or certain type of Christians needs to be removed.

All banks, should work with whomever, as long as the client is a law abiding person or organization and should never discriminate against them. Now, this may sound Anti-Semitic, but, I have Jewish relatives that I love very much, my uncle’s family; he converted to Catholicism to marry my aunt, but his family is Jewish, so do not go there and do not try to re-write history about how horrid the banking system is when the Jewish People took it over and financed numerous revolutions: Bolshevik Revolution and French Revolution; that went against Christian countries.

So, to restore Ethics back into banking, it should be Christian Institutions, but should not discriminate against anyone, no outlandish loans with interest to pay off or pay back, oh, to restore the Saving Account, so your money can grow quicker at a bigger percentage than it does currently.

Restore The Rule Of Law
Federal and State

For far too long in this country, there has been a two tier “Justice” system, if you want to call it a Justice System. When the wealthy elites in Congress break the law, hardly anything is done to them, but when the every day citizen breaks the law, then the Justice System works.

It is time to restore the Rule Of Law, where law has no favorites and looks the other way, if someone is rich, famous and of the elite class.

Now, of course there are special circumstances where the law can have mercy, if someone was truly hungry and can be proven that a person had no work and no way to provide for theirself or family; and needed food and no weapon was used to get said food or drink or things of warmth, then the law would show compassion and mercy to help those people get back on their feet.

In other cases, the law would come down swiftly and harshly, if crimes were done that met this, and no turning the blind eye, even if the “elite class” did the crime and the law would move Heaven and Earth, if said elite would to flee, to track down the criminal and bring them to Justice. It is time to end Special Privileges for a said few groups of people; that is how America became corrupt, even in the Justice System.

We would restore the Office Of Bounty Hunter or in the Professional Term, Bail Agency Enforcer. This group of sworn law officials would be the best group of selected, trained and educated people, who are neither corrupt nor shows any favoritism. They would have access to all Police Computers around the world and can freely go to any place in the world, to track down and bring back criminals to the United States.

This way, the family of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster will get justice and Joanne Chesimard would be brought back to face trial and capital punishment for the murder of this State Trooper.

On Illegal & Deadly Drugs
State & Federal Issue

Anyone arrested & charged with being a distributor of an illegal and or deadly drug, no more lenient sentence will be handed out. We believe, life without parole for these people. If they work with the police & scientists to track where the pills were made from and for the criminal organization that gave the distributor the drugs, those who made the drugs & the criminal organization behind it, will face the maximum penalty for the deaths caused by these drugs, Capital Punishment.

Fentanyl Alone, 79,000 American Citizens have been killed because of this drug & time to be harsh on everyone involved.

Under Our Policy, This Would Have Been Prevented & Will Be Prevented!
This will fall under the new & real Police Reform and Restoration Of The Rule Of Law

Restoring The Court System
Federal and State Issue

It is time to restore the System Of Justice and Restore The Court System, back in the days of Common Law and even during the Wild West, court cases did not take years to finish, but either a day or a few hours. We will restore the Court System back to Natural Law and Law Of The Gospel, if a man or woman committed the crime, evidence to prove it, it should not take five years for a trial or another five years on sentencing; it will be done within a few hours or a day in court.

To save time and money, the prisons will be back to hard labor and not fancy cells, no talking during the night time, if a person is sentenced to death, it should be given by a jury of Christian Judges and only time to wait before execution, is to see if the man or woman would want to receive the Last Rites and Sacrament Of Confession.

The Executions will be restored to being Public Executions, to make an example of the person who committed such an offense against Man and God, that it would turn the hearts back to God and away from sin.

The Judges must be honest, God Fearing Judges and Christian, if they are not, they must be removed, we cannot have any corrupt judges on the bench.

We would also restore how back in the day, the only Federal Court was the Supreme Court and only courts shall be Local and State courts, to give back the power to the people and to restore the Sovereignty of the State.

We Will Defend The Human Person At The First Moments Of Conception To Their Natural Death.
Federal Issue and State Issue
Protecting Widows or Widowers and Their Children and also Unwed Mothers
This comes from the Laws Of Saint Stephen Of Hungary
All possessions of the husband shall go to the wife and children, so they maybe provided for the rest of their life and the wife does not need to re-marry, but if she does, she can take a nice set of clothes.

This will also go to protect any group of siblings, if you have ever had to deal with getting the property given to you or seen it done and how siblings squabble about this and fight in wanting larger portions than what was given to them by their loved ones; this way no property can be stolen by another sibling or can be taken by the sibling in court, what was legally given to them, is theirs and no one elses.

Now, there are those who are unwed mothers who decided to have a sinful sexual relations and if they are tossed out of the house and have no one to help them or are shunned, because of this sinful deed, yes, they have done wrong, but the mother should do great penance for it, but also taken care of and so too, the child; this way the mom does not go down an even more evil road of drugs or worse. If they have no education; education and trade shall be taught them, this way they can get work and get on their feet and provide for their child.

If, the man they created the child with, is a just and good man, he should do the right thing and marry the woman who fathered the child, if he does not, then he shall be forced to pay child support to cover anything the child needs, including education expenses.

On Banning Profanity, Abortion, Contraception, Homo-Sexual Marriage
All things that attack the Nuclear Of the Family, That Destroys The Family or Destroys Life, Shall Be Banned and Outlawed. Meaning, the FCC rules that once banned such things in the past, called blue laws, shall be restored. All vulgarity, pornographic images, videos, music shall be outlawed. All Abortion Mills shut down and destroyed, anything related to Margaret Sanger shall be removed from any place of honor.

From June 2nd 2017, Harvard Law Journal Concludes Unborn Babies Have Constitutional Rights

That Homo-Sexual Cabal that has attacked Christian bakers, forcing them out of business, shall be outlawed and also shall be punished with exile and loss of citizenship, by them attacking law abiding citizens for being Christian, shall not be allowed to happen and they shall loose their citizenship for attacking Christians

Advance The Reign Of Jesus Christ King Of Kings
Federal and State Issue
Restitution Of Graves Of Christians
The restitution of Catholics to Catholic Graves, when their graves were desecrated. This would be for Buffalo Bill Cody, He died a Catholic, but the Masonic Lodge Of Colorado took his body for a Masonic Funeral. He gave up Freemasonry to become a Catholic and it is Sacrilegious what the Masons did!

Also, Give them a Proper Christian Funeral, if they were Catholic, Proper Requiem Mass and everything.

We would restore back to the books in Federal Law, Defamation, Libel and Calumny Laws For Public Persons, Those Are Even Saints In Heaven.

Dan Brown and his work, The Da Vinci Code and the Sequel, has caused Defamation, Libel and Calumny Against the Catholic Church, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a Disciple and Saint Mary Magdalene; by saying she had immodest and sexual relations is a Blasphemous Thing To Say or Write and We Will Also Restore Christian Blasphemy Laws As Well. (This Is Not Foreign To America, Christian Blasphemy Laws, In Some States They Are Still On The Books In The Original 13 Colonies)

His works, the movies, will be pulled, a written apology for this, but also all funds received for his books and anything from the movies taken, plus 15 to 20 years in Jail.

Those who also promote likewise things, even against the Knights Templar; a Catholic Organization, also commits the crime of Defamation, their so called history programs will be removed from air, and those who attack Our Lord at Christmas and Easter will also be pulled and their TV licenses removed. No more allowing the Christian Faith to be openly mocked, attacked and no more allowing people to attack and Blaspheme The One True God and The Saints.

We will also defend the Queen Of Heaven, Our Blessed Mother!

On Making A Destruction Of A Catholic Statue A Crime
Destruction or arson of a statue of Our Lady, Our Lord, or any of the Saints shall be punishable by 5 years in Prison and those found guilty will also have to work off the amount of damage it caused to the statue in Prison. Now, if they burn a church or desecrate it in Satanic Worship, Life In Prison or possible Capital Punishment.

Ending Of Celebrating Communist-Pagan Holidays

It is time to end the National Celebration Of Communist Holidays of Labor Day and May Day!

Restoring Christian Holidays
Restoring The Full 12 Days Of Christmas
Restoring Easter To The National Holiday Calendar
Make Holy Week A National Holiday
The Vigil and Nativity Of Our Lady
The Month Of June will be The Month To Our Lord’s Sacred Heart & Instead of Memorial Day being 1 day, with celebrating the Sacred Heart Of Jesus, June will be The Month To Remember & Honor All Our Veterans from The French Indian War to Those Who Currently Gave All For Our Nation!

Banning Of Certain Flags and Banners
Federal Issue

We will restore the Confederate Flag for those in the Southern States & any citizen who wants to fly it as part of American Heritage.

The National Socialist Flag aka the Nazi Flag will be banned, this includes all modern reproductions for the Neo-Nazi Flags.

The USSR Flag will be banned

The Flag Of Antifa will be banned

The Gay Pride Flag will be banned

The Trans Right Flag will be banned

Any Communist Flag will be banned

Any flag that represents hate against America or Christianity, will be banned & these banned flags will be ordered to be destroyed.

The Traditional Ball To Be Restored

It Will Be Mandatory By Both Federal and State To Have The Traditional Christmas Eve Ball Before Midnight Mass, Also The Ball To Honor Christ The King, and the Traditional Ball In Honor Of George Washington and all the Founding Fathers.

The State Issue Will Be In Restoring Store Fronts and Other Buildings That Were Once Built For These Balls To Be Restored For The Balls. Also, those in cloth making, to make the Traditional Ball Gown and Tuxedos For The Gentlemen.

This was done in the Colonial Days, Where A Punch Bowl Of Wassel and Special Drinking Chocolate. Restoring Our Past.

To Amend The U.S. Constitution, To Enshrine The Blood Of Christian Patriots Who Won Our Freedoms and Independence
Federal Issue
The current US Constitution Is Against The Christian Men Who Fought, Bled and Died For This Nation, it does not proclaim Christ as our King, it does not lay down any clear and concise Christian Principles, only Masonic Principles, and the taxes we pay now are far worse than the 1/4 tax we rebelled against. We must rewrite the Constitution to be 100 Percent Christian in every way and to make sure all our laws are Christian and we live according to True and Authentic Christian Principals.

Drain The Swamp and Dismantle The Deep State
Federal and State Issue

On Banning Ideologies
Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Zionism, Fascism would be considered an offense and is outlawed and which you would be punished with exile and loss of citizenship.

Draining The Swamp At The FDA or Federal Department Of Agriculture

When food was seeming to become scarce during the scamdemic of Covid19 when eggs, flour, milk, chickens were being destroyed and punished the farmers who decided to sell directly to the people, all members of the FDA who allowed this to happen and who punished the farmers, should be sent to Prison for Life. Their actions, were on par with Josef Stalin and the Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine; where by the authorities of the State to starve the people.

We do need Food Checkers to make sure food is safe, but not at the expense of starving people, we must return to Christian Ethics and Principles to make sure this does not happen again. Oh, since there are Christian Families from Ireland, Scotland, and other parts of Europe who want to try the food of their ancestors, Traditional Method Of Food Preparation and Fresh Small Scale Delivery Production Should Be Allowed.

As Down Below On Hunting, the prices and to make sure you go to a certified meat locker to have your game processed is ridiculous, we must get back to being how we were before we needed meat lockers to process game and be able to process our own meats. That is something that needs to be taught and re-engraved back into our DNA as Americans.

The Medical Industry

The policy will be to drain the Medical Industry Swamp, laws will be written and passed to break up Big Pharma and all those who charge outrages prices on medical equipment and medicine, which then turns on the patient to force the patient to pay thousands or hundred thousands of dollars for medicine or procedures. This will end and no more allowing the Medical Industry to be about getting rich, but to actually cure the patient and save lives. Doctors and Nurses must be tested to make sure they are truly competent for the vocation as a Doctor or Nurse, those like Fauci, Birx, Bill Gates are truly incompetent for how they shown themselves in using false data and for Bill Gates who has no medical degree and therefore cannot practice medicine.

All Equipment and Medicines will be made in country, and will be sold to hospitals at a fair price, so they do not have to charge the patient a rental or user fee. The medicine must treat the illness, not also create new illnesses or even kill.

Once the doctors and nurses are re-taught that their work is an Apostolate Of Mercy and a Vocation, and that drug prices are down and medicines safe, and medical equipment prices also low, we can make sure people are taken care of at a truly non-expensive cost to the patient.

We will also defend the Human Person, who is made in the image and likeness of God, by defending our genes from being experimented on and make sure no more experimentation and dangerous vaccines will ever be produced and make sure the rights of the people are protected, so that they will not have to decide from keeping their job or staying in college or in the military to take something dangerous that will alter what the Almighty has created.

Those who have destroyed the rights given to us by Almighty God, those in Big Pharma, Medical Clinics, Bill Gates, World Health Organization or the WHO, World Economic Forum & everyone involved who forced or coerced the American Person & killed or damaged American Citizens, these people & organizations will be put on an arrest watch list for the Office Of Bounty Hunter in the Police and Rule Of Law Reform & we will be the first to charge each & every single person who caused harm or death to the American Citizen.

America was once very healthy & free before the like of Big Pharma & the CDC and others who created gene editing fake medicines that they put into us and into our food, we will restore what we once had & no longer be part of Big Pharma & Big Oil Medicine.

Upholding The Freedom Of Speech and Civil Liberties Of Christians In All Aspects Of General Life.
Federal and State Issue.

Federal On Upholding Freedom Of Speech and Civil Liberties, Everything Else Is Back To The States:

Breaking Up and Ending Power Control Of The Social Media and Search Engine Giants

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, September 5th 2020 These left wing billionaires are a danger to the American People, to the Rule of Law and to the Nation, by them using their power to attack, to censor and decide what is truth or not, is and should be illegal. It is not only time to regulate and monitor these corporations, but to break them up, to end their power hold in this country and globally.

There is nothing illegal about being rich, but there is something illegal thinking you can control the entire information in search results or on social media for the entire world, that is a crime against humanity and the basic human rights given to us by God to learn, to know the truth and to share it.

These Marxists who hate this country, but made enormous amounts of cash in this country, all the fines, penalties of supporting terrorist organizations while silencing Christian Organizations, will go to help pay off the National Debt, and they will have to cough up ownership of these social media and search engine companies, no one with any bias or political interest should be allowed to run such a company.

Also, once proper non-bias new owners of these tech companies are found, yes, regulation to make sure they are only used for good and honest work, never allow the enemy or political trolls on it ever again.

On the internet, cell phone, land lines; all communications corporation, all States should take these giant communication corporations back and create a special type of organization to run them, but they are under the control of the State Legislatures and every major decision, people can have a say. This means they have special sessions in all areas of the State where people can come in person and speak on it and join in on the vote. They payment method no longer goes back to those giant corporations, but directly into the treasury of the State.

The same stores that sell the cell phones, internet, and home phones will remain open, but now under the control of the States, and we would also recommend that all cell phones be made in America, by American Workers and the internet be the best for everyone; if you promise everyone high speed cable internet, keep your promise.

We have come to learn of an International Internet Criminal Mafia, which includes people from the United States, Canada and countries in the European Union & NATO.

They are called NAFO or North Atlantic Fellas Organization. They have found ways of taking over Social Media Platforms & Mass Reporting and Censoring Free Speech, especially those that go against their Political and Religious Identity.

Currently, only a few things are against the law that is covered in the United States: Conspiracy, restriction of free speech, making threats of murder and sexual assault online; we will add to the law books: where cyber terrorism is illegal, organized crime, even organized internet crime which, all sorts of harassing and attacks these people have committed.

Also, issue ways of reporting these accounts, their IPs and locations via online, either on social media which will directly go to the authorities or if on media publishing websites.

Since it also affects National Security of our nations, but our military alliances with NATO and relationships with the European Union, we will work together in finding, arresting and ending this new type of cyber terrorism mafia & make sure it never happens again.

Punishment For This New Cyber Terrorism Mafia: Depending what certain accounts have done and said, either by written text or memes: if harassment: Loss of the right to use the internet & can never be near it or receive it, on a watch list for the rest of your days, 5 years in Prison. If you are found out to be near or on it, then you will be removed from any city or town that has internet to a place where you will not have access and cannot leave that area.

Stalking & Targeting: 30 years in prison, on a watch list, also in a place with no internet access and can’t leave that place.

Making Threats of Sexual Assaults: 50 years in Prison, on watch list, on the list for sexual predators, again, in a secluded place with no internet access & can’t leave it.

Making Threats Of Murder: Just for threats, Life in Prison. If it is found out you actually carried out the threats: you will receive public execution.

Making Threats Of Terrorism against persons, places or entire religious organizations; aka the Catholic Church; or entire nations; Life in the underground prisons we mentioned before & you are forgotten. If you actually carried out the threats of terrorism & depending where in the world, you will be transported to said nation & we urge capital punishment aka execution.

If Social Media Companies, allow this to happen to their global users & do not protect them, then these same companies & owners & board of directors are just as libel and complicit in these crimes they witness & allow to happen on their platforms. Fines are not enough, it can be proven negligence & other such things, we hope for Prison Time for these people as well.

(Bold Is New Additions, But Not Final Set In Stone On This)

Rededicate U.S. Foreign Policy To The Defense Of Christians Everywhere and the Opposition To Globalism
Federal Issue
The deal that Serbia and Kosovo signed to restore relations in the White House under President Trump
Those who wrote it, put in the fine details that the President Of Serbia didn’t know, that he would be moving his embassy to Jerusalem; that is crossing the line and very Masonic. Sure, restore relations to a neighboring country, but do not trick them into doing something they never agreed to.

Under the new Christian Government Of America, we would not create deals like this, but we would help Christian Nations; especially Armenia who is being attacked by Azerbaijan and Turkey; with their Proxy Militants.

We would also push back against Turkey trying to invade Europe with Islamists and taking Historical Churches For Mosques. By their hostilities against Christians, we would use our power in NATO to limit what power Turkey can have.

We would also remember and truly honor the Christians killed in Genocide by Turkey in the Armenian Genocide and work to make sure restitution is finally given to the Christians.

Then, we would create a special monument in honor of Murdered Journalist Gareth Jones and honor and remember the Holodomor Genocide he investigated and reported the truth, that America would not listen to, and posthumously give him the Medal Of Freedom for his work and ask forgiveness to the people of Ukraine for what FDR did.

Next, even though the Russian Civil War is over and so is the Soviet Union, another wrong needs to be corrected, this wrong was done in the Wilson Administration in not supporting or backing Admiral Alexander Kolchak and the White Russian Army against the Communists; we would posthumously erase what Wilson did and remember what Admiral Kolchak did to try to free the people of Christian Russia and the world from Communism. I believe, the evils of Communism would not have spread to China, South America or North Korea or Cuba, if Wilson had supported Kolchak with proper military equipment and Russia would have been free and Communism dead at the beginning.

We would also remember and keep the deal we agreed to at the end of the First World War To Be The Protectors Of Armenia and also come to the defense of Christians being persecuted.

Federal Issue
Defense Of Military Honor

WE propose that there should be a Federal Law and Federal Crime Of Any Individual or Group Who Commits Stolen Valor, Taken Out Of Their Homes In The Middle Of The Night and Sent To Hard Labor Prisons For Life.

Federal & International Issue

Then, WE propose that there should be a Federal Law and Federal and International Crime of certain groups committing different types of fraud against Christian Nations, find them, track them down, acquire the assets taken and sent back to the people they stole from.

Federal and State Issue Regarding Pedophile Rings Called Drag Queens

These Pedophiles who dress up in the most disgusting, most risque, do the most disgusting things with children in public, who force the public to watch or to take part, or their fellow Pedophiles in the LGBTQ Mafia will come at you and attack you and try to ruin your life or business. These people need to be put away for life, they have brought us nearer to the repeat of what Our Blessed Lord had done to Sodom and Gomorrah. Plus, the crimes they commit of indecency and crimes against children are the most serious. It is time to get these degenerates off the streets and end any and all things “Drag Queen.”

Regarding the businesses, you have promoted the downfall of society but promoting this madness and degenerates. Your business that was breaking the law with these pedophiles, shall be closed down and Christian Businessmen shall take your place to make sure this will not happen again.

To the parents who brought their young children to interact with these Pedophiles, you shall be stripped of your rights as parents, your children removed from your custody and you, yourself arrested for endangering the life of a minor. Then, these children will get the needed help to get over the abuse they have endured and then put into a Christian Foster Care System and be adopted by God Fearing Parents who will not abuse them, like you have done.

Restore The Pre-Civil War State Rights and Abolish The Federal Ownership Of State Lands and Return Said Lands Back To The States
State Issue

We will abolish all Federally Owned Land and That Land Will Be Given Back To The States, Either To Keep As Parks or Be Sold To Families Who Want To Create Farms.

End National Guard and Have The States Restore Their Militia According To Their State Constitution. As Was In The Colonial America, Everyone who was 16 and up joined. This would give the young men good training on survival and also restore their love of country.

Helping The Native Americans
State Issue

Restoring The Schools On The Reservation, So The Kids Can Get Proper Education, End The Indoctrination Of Marxism and other things, that you see with the left wing protests who show some Marxist Native Americans.

The great crime and most of all the drug crime is very high on the Reservation, so we must restore proper law enforcement to protect the people.

Next, we want the Native Americans to live a normal life, not be on welfare the rest of their life, which is pretty much what the Reservation has become, a Welfare System. We want them to have good paying jobs, low taxes, low crime, and able to take care of themselves once again.

Restoration Of The Great American Buffalo
State Issue

We support restoring the Great American Herd Of Buffalo, all natural, free grazed buffalo, this way this amazing and healthy meat can be found cheaper than it is now, and will help restore their Natural Diet.

The Buffalo will be protected, yes they can be hunted, but everything must be used and not just hunted for the hides.

Restoration Of Traditional Hunting Laws
State Issue

Under This, the laws on hunting need to be properly advertise every where, including which seasons it is and if it is Youth Hunting Period; which is where the youth can go hunting with their dads and get their first taste of hunting for game. Then Properly announce every where if it is bow, black powder or regular weaponry.

Now, there is something that needs to be changed, if you have deer, pheasant or other game that requires a state hunting permit come onto your property or lives there, the State Must Pass A Constitutional Amendment that no one on their own farm land needs to have a permit to hunt for game for food. That is the most crazy thing yet to us who do hunt.

Restoring Proper Candidate Debate
State Issue
This Swamp Office, Commission On Presidential Debates Needs To Be Abolished and Return To How Candidates used to debate, the town would hold a debate, give simple rules and not controlled by a Party.

Repay The National Debt
Federal Issue
To the debt in China, that we owe, we would call it “null in void” until China would end the Communist Party, Stop Their Human Rights Violations, Stop Their Over Reach In Hong Kong.

Sell off all federal land, except military bases that are needed; that would save 150 billion a year per base, sell the national parks back to the States to turn them into State Parks or the States then can sell chunks to their citizens to turn into farms and ranches.

Abolish The Department Of Education
Federal To End Department Of Education, Restore All Education Back To The States

Primary Education Till Higher Education

The School systems we have now are nothing but Marxist Education Camps, turn the children into Marxists and most the teachers are Marxists Propagandist, instructing them to hate America, hate Christianity, to hate everything. I can tell you from my personal experience, I have learned more at home through buying the writings of the Church Fathers; St. Augustine, Saint Ambrose and many of the Doctors Of The Church; through their writings you learn how to think, properly read and write, even if there is some Latin or Greek, you learn languages that won’t be taught in school.

To help the families adjust to them teaching their own children, since both parents can’t work jobs, but must become a Traditional Family once again, we support and will promote what Viktor Orban; Prime Minister Of Hungary is doing, paying the families who will be open to having large families and also I am adding onto his Pro Family Plan, Home school their children will get a tax refund.

This way the extra income can go to helping the family, getting the proper books, proper computer for learning, etc. But, it will have to be monitored, so nothing illegal is happening with this extra income, can’t having families creating larger families just to get rich, no, it goes to help the children’s education.

High school and Higher Education
The idea or way of thinking, “oh you need to go to college before we hire you or allow you into this seminary or religious order” is over. No one should feel forced to go to a college and end up in debt; so we will make sure college is affordable for everyone and most of all that they teach you a trade. So you can go to them, learn a bit more that you were learning at home and then prepare for the real world in learning different trades or jobs. Good and Proper Hands On Learning. We will restore the medieval apprenticeship to help you get jobs.

If you want a normal college education, there will be that, so you can receive your higher education. But, the prices will be much lower, no “Non-Profit” college will be personally taking in millions of dollars from your child or you personally and the child ends up in debt for the rest of his or her life.

So a typical hotel with meals, at least a good breakfast meal $95 dollars a night100 students per class; maybe $9,500. Then a text book bought at normal prices, $20 to $40 dollars based on a Amazon or Barnes and Noble Price x however many classes, five at most? $200 Dollars, so total of $1,180 dollars per student for four years. It should not be as expensive as it is now.

If you can’t follow, we take a typical night lodging at a hotel in the Midwest Prices, times that by how many a typical college class size is, then a normal price of a text book either off of Amazon or Barnes and Noble Price, then take the hotel night price, book price total for one student, times 4 years; you get a very affordable education.

Reducing The Size Of Government
Ending Federal Hold and Restoring It Back To The States

By cutting and abolishing the Department Of Education, saving 68 Billion A Year, then ending foreign military bases we do not, including the secret ones, that is 150 billion a year per base, Abolishing The IRS and their wasteful spending, abolishing other wasteful departments that have hurt American’s liberties and freedoms; the money saved and gone back to the American People and Freedoms Restored will be amazing. We will also get rid of HHS and CDC and NIH, all things medicine and healthcare, should always be done at the State Level.

Ending Federal Income Tax For Those Who Make 100,000 or less than this amount. So, we will Abolish The IRS. Those who do pay taxes, money will go directly to the treasury.

Professional Sport Teams
State & Federal Issue

To help treat the players better, all NFL, MLB, MLS, Arena Football; different leagues; Rugby; all professional teams should be stock teams, only actual ordinary fans can purchase stock in the teams & only those of the Christian Faith & fiscally responsible can be fully incharge.

The fans who truly know football and their sports, can help build the team with coaches, managers, other staff, those good in marketing and promoting, can do that.

No more Multi-Million Dollar to Billion Dollar owners, let the fans own the teams.

The one person who is hired to be the “manager” of the business, they can do nothing that isn’t okayed with the owners; meaning the fans, this way teams aren’t ruined.

Protecting Professional Athletes

With what happened to Tua Tagovailoa on Sunday vs the Bills and then what happened last night against the Bengals, Athletes in the NFL and other Professional Football Leagues need an Ombudsman to represent them. This way the Players can be protected from coaches, owners, from playing too early if they have received a serious injury & so what has happened to Tua, can be prevented.

Protectors Of Christians: Federal/State Issue & International Policy

At The Federal Level with our international policy, and state issue according to The Articles Of Confederation in protecting Christianity, we declare:

If your company has any connection to any bank or wall street money house, that took part in both creating the Nazi Party, putting Adolph Hitler into power, helping with the murder of the Christian Tsar Of Russia and his family, or connected to any Oligarch of the Old Guard Of The Soviet Union in Vladimir Putin’s Russia or connected to Putin, we & your state will place tariffs and other fines on your company, until you end any and all relationships to those places and persons who are enemies of Christianity.

Thankfully, we have all the names of these banks, wall street houses and other “businesses” listed by Dr. Anthony Sutton and names of the Oligarchs in other books who followed Sutton’s lead.

If you are getting oil money via Russia, via Azerbaijan via Rothschilds and helping Russia & Azerbaijan attack and do terrorist attacks on Artsakh and Armenia, we & the proper state will freeze that money & turn it around & help Armenia and Artsakh with it & again penalties of some sort on these blood money bribes.

If you are or were or still have ties to any foreign government that is denying the Armenian, Greek, Assyrian Genocide or helping to threaten Greece and helping Azerbaijan attack & commit crimes against humanity on Artsakh and Armenia. This goes with being linked to the fake Russia that is still the USSR and who hate Christian Ukraine.

We at the Federal Level or at State level can issue cease and desist, if you do not and continue “working” for these governments, we or your State will ask you to turn in your citizenship & will fly you to one of these nations for you to live and work at.

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