Heroes Of The Party

Our Main Patron For This Political Party Is A Very Holy Man and Who Brought The Catholic Faith To The Native Americans In Montana and Washington and Even In Wyoming and Oregon and Missouri. He is called The Apostle Of The Rocky Mountains

Father Pierre-Jean De Smet

Please Come and Get This Beautiful Biography Essay On Father Pierre-Jean De Smet
The Apostle Of The Rocky Mountain

Next Patron and Hero Of Catholic Party For America Is The Priest Who Came When Father De Smet Sent Out The Call For More Missionaries To The Native Americans.
An Italian Jesuit, Father Antonio Ravalli.

He Built and Designed Two Missions:

 Mission of the Sacred Heart, or Cataldo Mission

Saint Mary’s Mission In Montana

He hand carved the altars and statues in the churches and personally designed the churches.

Father Leo Heinrichs OFM Martyr and Servant Of God

This is The Catholicism We Promote and Defend and We Will Continue Their Great Work!

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