Restoring The American Vote

As we are seeing, Voter Fraud in many States and the media trying to make sure some people’s votes are not counted. How do we restore the American Vote?

It is time to get rid of Voting Polls where you go and vote with a machine or paper ballot, because we know those people can’t be trusted, as we can see in many states.

It is time to restore the Voting Process Of Colonial America. What is that?

The People You Are To Vote For, Come To These Polling Halls and Each Person Walks Up To Them, Then By Your Voice, You Tell Them Your Name and Vote By Voice; The Candidates and Their People Take Down Your Vote.

Now, if you cannot get out, then these same Candidates would come to your place to receive your letter vote. By The End Of The Day, All The Candidates and Their People Would Receive The Votes In Person, No More Worrying What Polling Officials Will Do and The Media Trying To Steal Votes From American Citizens.

How The Voting Should Be

It does not start with the Federal Election, It must start in your town, if you win that election, then it goes to the county election and if your county representative wins, he or she goes onto to represent the county. Now The State Election, If the person who ran for county last year wins, they go onto to the State Government to represent the State. If the person who represented the State for that one year is elected, is elected to the Federal House or Senate by those in the State Legislators. You only get 1 year of Service, if you do not make it or the people do not like you, you are removed. Learn How The Voting Will Be Restored As In Practice Of Colonial America

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