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Learn About Our Policies and Ideas On Restoring America In These Videos, Each Tuesday There Will Be A New Video Added Below. Please Watch Them and Share Them.

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Here, we discuss how to restore America’s Economic & National Sovereignty From The Bank For International Settlements.

This Program, We Discuss Saint Brendan The Irish Explorer, his information was the inspiration for this Political Party.

Our Latest Video, where we talk on how the GOP Party Exposes Themselves. I believe I misspoke with the date 1854, it was 1874 at the Constitutional Convention, Please Watch That Video
I don’t think we have seen it this bad in human history, so much filth and diabolic confusion going on, must of been what it was like when God sent the Three Angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah or right before the flood. Visit The Show Page

These Two Programs On Why Do Not Support Distributism, because one John Ruskin, who inspired Cecil Rhodes, supported it and promoted it.

What we are proposing is nothing new, but something even more complete than what the Presbyterians did in 1874; in trying to restore the Christian Faith back into the U.S. Constitution. Click Below and Watch The Video.

Here Is Part One On Christian Politics, What It Is and What It Is Not, Click The Image To Watch The Video On Rumble

Here Is Part Two Of Christian Politics, What Is It and What It Is Not?

In Our Next Catholic Party Video, We Discuss The Coming Christian Persecution If The Amendments Are Passed, To Protect Gay Marriage and allow the Justice Department To Civilly Attack Christians For Being Christians. Click The Video Image To Watch The Video.

If You Want To Appear On This Program, To Discuss Catholic Christian Politics, Please Contact Me With The Contact Form On The Catholic Party’s Website Under Join Party

Welcome to our next episode for Catholic Party For America, I was inspired by Br. Alexis’ lecture yesterday and so I wrote one and read it. Please Download A Copy or Read It Below:

Click and Watch Our Latest Campaign Video Below

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