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Learn About Our Policies and Ideas On Restoring America In These Videos, Each Tuesday There Will Be A New Video Added Below. Please Watch Them and Share Them.

God bless.


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Our Latest Video, where we talk on how the GOP Party Exposes Themselves. I believe I misspoke with the date 1854, it was 1874 at the Constitutional Convention, Please Watch That Video
We talk on the Mass Shooting in Uvalde Texas and how both international and U.S. authorities did not pay attention to the warnings; especially by the shooter’s girl friend from Frankfurt Germany.
I don’t think we have seen it this bad in human history, so much filth and diabolic confusion going on, must of been what it was like when God sent the Three Angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah or right before the flood. Visit The Show Page
In this video, we talk about how we have a fight for our mind and soul, against those few who are trying to create AI and other dangerous technology that these sociopaths and psychopaths want to steal our mind. All of this is crime against humanity and crime against nature, we have a duty to stop them & make their experiments illegal. Please Watch & share this video.
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