Gangs and Drug Dealer Policy

I have never seen the numbers of violence and shootings in a town, in America like Chicago, I believe it is still worse than Afghanistan regarding the numbers of shooting victims.

Kids can’t go over to their friend’s house or be at home or in the car on the way from school anymore in Chicago and get shot or killed.

Then we have this shooting at a mall in Wichita Kansas and Police were called there for something else right before the shots were fired. I’m not sure if the man was in a gang, but law abiding gun owners who lawfully carry, do not carry in their waist band of their pants for the same reason, it could discharge a round and injure you or someone near you.

The Mexican Gangs and African American Gangs and Drug Dealers are rampant still in America, especially in Southwest Kansas for the Mexican Gangs, hopefully things has changed, haven’t been back in a long while to the area.

What can be done to stop this violence and end these gangs and their illegal obtaining firearms and selling drugs on the street or out of a house?

The law enforcement needs to change, it can no longer worry about if they are the most diverse group of cops, more accepting in political correctness garbage. Their job is to enforce the law and to protect the citizens. Knowing full well that criminals will get their guns illegally, some old west laws on guns in town for the criminals.

Poster Is Taken From Pioneer Hearts

The Law abiding citizens can and carry a firearm legally, but we will need to remove all those illegal restrictions placed on the law abiding citizen by crooked Democrat Mayors and Governors of certain states. But, the law abiding citizen must use a holster and get proper training.

By confiscating illegal weapons from criminals and issuing stop and frisk orders, we can begin to clean up these communities. Next, old fashion police work, stakeouts and informants must be used to find their locations and serve warrants.

If the criminal does get rough and threatens the officer, his or her partner with violence or any innocent civilian, this is where we need officers with ice in their veins and walk up to them and issue a nice firm pistol whip to knock the person out to get them to the jail peacefully. If violence is called for, Police will no longer be handicapped to use their service weapon.

The model Police Officer, is Wyatt Earp, it was until he had to be Marshal Of Tombstone, did he fire his guns more than once in his whole career, mostly talked the bad guys down and took their guns or a nice pistol whip to knock them out.

The Police will be reading:

I hate to break the news to all the pundits, Drug Dealing is a violent crime, they have more guns on them than gangs, because they got to protect their stash from other cartels and from the law.

Again, their weapons will be taken from them, the any known drug pushers will be grabbed off the street, used to round up the others. If it is called for, Police will be unleashed, Old West Style, if the shooting starts by the criminals. I urge the departments to work on accuracy with their pistols, rifles and shotguns, no out of control spread of firing.

Why? because as we seen in several cases, even though news is coming out about the case in Kentucky, the lady was also a pusher, but still, they will use human shields and need to prevent any loss of innocent life.

Most of all, we must become swift and act fast, because neither Republican nor Democrat has gone directly to end the Drug Crisis Of Illegal Drugs hurting kids, hurting everyone. Local, State and Federal must work together to end drug cartels on American Streets, it is also a National Security Threat; same as Antifa/BLM.

Then the Federal Border Patrol and ICE and even the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, must defend our southern borders and even northern borders and waters from the drug cartels bringing it into this country.

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