Covid 19

On The Covid-19 Issue

  • Cancellation of all regulatory acts, of any rank, issued as a response to the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Economic aid to citizens and businesses to overcome the crisis caused by the management of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Law to prevent the Government from declaring a state of emergency in the future in cases other than a state of war on US territories, which can only be obtained with the favorable vote of 80% of the Senate and the Chamber, with the obligation to review of the vote every 7 days.
  • Law to protect the inviolable human rights of citizens during epidemics, pandemics and wars.
  • Investigation into the true causes of death of victims classified as victims of Covid-19
  • Cancellation of any criminal immunity shield granted for the management of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Reimbursement to Citizens to Businesses by the Government for the damage caused by the defined emergency response of the Government, the Region and the Municipalities
  • Covid-19 cyber fraud investigation, regarding complicity with WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, television channels, newspapers, social media computer platforms
  • Investigation into abuses of power and abuses perpetrated by local administrators and state officials
  • Law establishing a National Commission to analyze the counter measures adopted against COVID-19, with the aim of avoiding the mistakes made in the future
  • Laws to protect USA citizens from abuse in the pharmaceutical and vaccine sectors
  • Update of the Criminal Code to define as crimes all abuses carried out during the Lockdown not currently foreseen as crimes.

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