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Next Week, We Will Do A Huge Program For The Party, Showing How The Department Of Defense, Under Both Republican and Democrat Control, Are Killing 5 Billion People With The Vax, Thanks To The Courts Forcing The Release Of This Information

We Are Currently Writing The Rough Draft Documents For Our Political Action Committee or PACT

Old News Below

Tuesday, July 27 2021 Honoring The Hero Of Massachusetts, Please Click Image Below To Learn About This Man.


February 12 2021

This Is On Doctor Fauci, Doctor Birx, The CDC, On The State Of Texas, This Is On The National Institute Of Health, Every Single One Who Said Shut Down America Is Responsible! We Are A Nation Of Rebels, So Why We Sitting By and Letting This Happen? OPEN UP! RETURN TO NORMAL NOW!

Let This Be The Second Boston Tea Party and Rebel Against All Of These Monsters Hurting and Killing Americans!

Let Us Remember This 12 Year Old Boy, Hayden Hunstable, and End This Covid Scamdemic; It Is Just Really Bad Flu and Those Pushing For More Lock Downs, Masks, Just Want To Control Us and Make Themselves Richer, Let Us Say, To Hell With Them and Open Up! No More!

January 21 2021,

Mr. Joe Biden has done away with President Trump’s 1776 Commission To Counter The False 1619 Project By The New York Times, but we will continue this great work of the 1776 Commission; without the lies put in by the Masons and tell of America’s founding by the Christian Founding Fathers and Christian Patriots who bled, sacrificed and died for our Independence.

Also, it is part of our Education Platform to restore the Text Books used in 1790 and were last used in 1930s, before the Department Of Education got their hands on our education.

January 20 2021,
If you watched our videos, do not panic. I watched a great show last night on the George Washington’s Mount Vernon YouTube Channel on Occupied America During The American Revolution, but the intro announced a liberalist, globalist symposium On How To Restore A More Perfect Union by the George Washington Library on next Tuesday. 

I would so love to counter it, but not yet sure how it can be done and if anyone would want to be speakers.

September 2nd, 2020
In today’s show on Malcolm Muggeridge and The Antichrist, we talked at the end that we need to form a National Political Organization, before doing our state parties. Then we need to meet some where that is not under Covid Lock Down and have our first meeting, and I know of one town in Kansas where we can meet.

We need to act, not fall back upon the false idea and heresy of Pietism, but we must act now, if we want to save our country and save souls. Our Lady and Queen would want us to act and not wait. Please, we Catholics need to come together and form this National Political Organization. Let us do it.

I would like to welcome our first volunteer from Louisiana, Brandon Bechtel, May Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother send more. May they send a few more in Kansas, who are mobile and can get out and meet people.

On Tuesday, September 8th, we will be doing our second show on the idea of The Christian Party Of America; continue to talk on the policy ideas and also how to make it a reality.

On Monday at 12:15 PM Central Time or 7:15 PM Rome Time, The Catholic Party Of America will be doing it’s first meeting by Zoom.

Why The Party Now?

I have learned a lot in my short 32 years of life, especially about my European Ancestry and American Ancestry; it through the European side that I am related to the Founders Of America; John Adams and his son, John Quincy, George Washington and through Washington to General Robert E. Lee.

They would not be happy with how the country is going, the same old dry Politics that does nothing for the people or help the country, but the same old crooks keep getting richer and more powerful, while the power is taken from the people and the States; and Governors transformed in a day into Tyrants because some illness.

My blood was boiling in seeing this, I guess it was my ancestors speaking or causing it boil, because their blood would be boiling and when we did that show on Saint Brendan, it was a clear answer on what to do. It is sad to see so many fake “Catholics” on Twitter mock this party on Twitter, I guess their love of this country does not run back to it’s founding or War Of Independence, like mine does. We will need to look elsewhere for Catholics who want to Restore America back to it’s Christian Principles, That Our Ancestors Died For In The American Revolution.


Type Of Membership

Active, Recruit at least 250 members, Promote the party among Catholics and people in your town, this is not just a Catholic Party, but a Christian Party For America. We do meetings on Mondays at 12:15 PM Central and Fridays at 3 PM Central.

We Are Growing

Active Recruitment Has Begun With Members In Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina and I welcome our member in Alabama.

Major International Platform
We Recognize and Support The Republic Of Artsakh!

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