Reforming The Postal System

As we have seen in the 2020 Election, Federal Employees stealing mail and destroying ballots and two personal instances for myself, 1 I am grateful that the mail came late, because Obama was destroying West Point and so I am grateful for the mail getting to me late so I could not attend West Point after my senior year of high school in 2007.

Second, a neighbor of ours was graduating from high school, she put our physical mailing address of the farm and it took a week to get from her to us, that is how broken the mail system is.

So, I know this may sound strange, but even though it only lasted 16 to 18 months; mail from the East Coast to the West Coast only took 10 days with the Pony Express and so we will restore the Pony Express for local mail or short haul trips.

The quickest horses that are still bred, Mustangs and Pintos will be procured for the riders and once again the Pony Express stops will be restored, 5 to 50 mile trips, that would mean proper trails for the riders to use, to keep the hooves and shoes good on the horses.

Also, those who have that amazing skill of a blacksmith, you are back to work in these locations. Not only will you make the shoes for the horses, but anything else people may need; nails, tools, cooking and baking pans, etc.

While I was pondering this, what needs to happen if interstates are shut down due to fires, floods or snow storms and mail trucks can’t get through?

Trains used to move mail, and should once again if trucks can’t get through. All Federal Employees Hired By The Christian Party Administration, Will Be Neutral, Honest, Full Of Integrity, any found to have broken the Constitution, Committed Federal Crimes With The U.S. Mail and Even International Crimes With International Mail; punishment will be swift and severe.

Those lightweight trucks used by the Post Office, UPS and Others, these trucks need to be beefed up, 4 wheeled drive, if any ever drove them trucks and need any other improvements, let us know.

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