Education Reform

Our Education System Has Been Watered and Dumbed Down and the main problem is the US Secretary Of Education position. If you look at the 19th century text books, they are way ahead of the education we have today. We will use these books once again to help the kids to get a good, Pro American, Proper Education and no longer have the U.S. Secretary Of Education and end all this radicalization happening in our public schools and universities.

Please click this link and look at this 19th Century Text Book
Speaker or Miscellaneous Pieces: Selected From The Best English Writers: Disposed Under The Proper Heads With The Views In The Improvement Of The Youth In Reading and Speaking

Classical English Letter Writer : To Improve The Young People In Letter Writing and In The Principals Of Virtue and Piety

The Girl’s Reading Book In Prose and Poetry Used For School

Old Textbooks Used For Spelling, Grammar, Arithmetic, Geography, American History, Civil Government, Physiology, Penmanship, Art, Music: As Taught In The Common Schools From The Colonial Days To 1900.

Lessons In Geography For Little Learners

You can see them all and read them all here: 19th Century Schoolbooks

We see in how well Ukraine is using their superior math skills on the battlefield, we need to restore math, algebra, geometry and calculus. We need teachers who will teach the student, explain everything so the student learns & takes interest in these subjects, not teachers who expect you to already know and do not teach anything.

Also, need to have languages taught: Spanish, Greek, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, French.

Finally, we will follow Poland’s lead, which Party Founder, Andrew Baalman suggested to them, restore the Home Army and begin it with the beginning of the training in school as ROTC. This will build Patriotism and Love Of Country & Love Of Neighbor.

As you can see, they taught higher level and more things than they do today, and it is all Pro American and the kids will learn something.

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