Meet The One Only Catholic Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence, Charles Carroll of Carrollton

It is our goal and plan, to Restore America back to how America should have always been, if the politicians actually cared about and read the writings of the Founding Fathers, and that is what we are going to do, Restore America Back To Being 100% Christian, 100% Pro Life, and Back To The Christian Founding Fathers and The Christian Patriots Who Bled and Died To Give Us Our Independence.

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The Reason For Catholic Party For America, We Must Be The Foundation, For What Padre Pio Says About America. This is why we fight the negative remarks, all the naysayers. I have put this party under Our Lady’s mantle, as we were founded on the Day Of Her Nativity, Now Padre Pio

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Today, You Will Meet Our Hero and God Willing, Patron Saint Of This Political Party

Our latest Catholic Party For America Video Exposes who is behind the corruption of America and the minds of the people, and these are the people we must remove to secure and restore America’s freedom and sovereignty. Please Visit The Show Page To Watch the documentary: Big Oil Conquers The World.

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The Latest Video For Catholic Party For America and detailing how we are the only party that will defend our liberties, our freedoms, our sovereignty from the enemy that is the Deep State and their many organizations that have fingers in the current Political System.

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This Is The Most Inspiring Hymn Of The American Revolutionary War, Please Listen To It and Share It! It Is Called Chester!

Watch How America Was In This Live Stream About The Trade Jobs In The 18th Century and These Are The Trade Jobs We Promote To Restore

There was a time that America was occupied by a foreign power, today that is how it is today, learn how Great Britain Occupied America During The American Revolution

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