About Our Platform and Policies

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On The Covid-19 Issue

  • Cancellation of all regulatory acts, of any rank, issued as a response to the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Economic aid to citizens and businesses to overcome the crisis caused by the management of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Law to prevent the Government from declaring a state of emergency in the future in cases other than a state of war on US territories, which can only be obtained with the favorable vote of 80% of the Senate and the Chamber, with the obligation to review of the vote every 7 days.
  • Law to protect the inviolable human rights of citizens during epidemics, pandemics and wars.
  • Investigation into the true causes of death of victims classified as victims of Covid-19
  • Cancellation of any criminal immunity shield granted for the management of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Reimbursement to Citizens to Businesses by the Government for the damage caused by the defined emergency response of the Government, the Region and the Municipalities
  • Covid-19 cyber fraud investigation, regarding complicity with WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, television channels, newspapers, social media computer platforms
  • Investigation into abuses of power and abuses perpetrated by local administrators and state officials
  • Law establishing a National Commission to analyze the counter measures adopted against COVID-19, with the aim of avoiding the mistakes made in the future
  • Laws to protect USA citizens from abuse in the pharmaceutical and vaccine sectors
  • Update of the Criminal Code to define as crimes all abuses carried out during the LockDown not currently foreseen as crimes

Re-Write Of The US Constitution
The current US Constitution Is Against The Christian Men Who Fought, Bled and Died For This Nation, it does not proclaim Christ as our King, it does not lay down any clear and concise Christian Principles, only Masonic Principles, and the taxes we pay now are far worse than the 1/4 tax we rebelled against. We must rewrite the Constitution to be 100 Percent Christian in every way and to make sure all our laws are Christian and we live according to True and Authentic Christian Principals.

The Selling Of Government Controlled Land
In looking for property for a Private Security Corporation that is Catholic and fully Christian, it needs a lot of land, you would find big pieces of land for sale, but in the middle or the outside edges would be Federal BLM land that nothing could be done on it, it is time to make that land public land again, so people can own land, farm it, work cattle or work to defend Christians on it. That would also mean, to abolish the Office Of Land Management and all those swamp offices that has restricted Americans from moving west since the Homestead Act.

Abolish The National Guard and Restore State Militia
It is time to break up the Military Complex and restore State Rights and Protection of the State. As seen by a young man from Illinois, a neighbor to the town in Wisconsin, he came to help protect a car dealership and then had to defend himself. It is time for the State to have local, law abiding Militia once again to defend it’s city and state against Marxist Insurrectionist.

On Federal Income Tax

It would be abolished, the State Income Taxes and other Federal Things would be paid to the State and it would be through the State to pay Washington D.C., but only in a time of true emergencies or war. People under 100,000 income, no tax shall be paid.

Pay Off The National Debt
To the debt in China, that we owe, we would call it “null in void” until China would end the Communist Party, Stop Their Human Rights Violations, Stop Their Over Reach In Hong Kong.

Sell off all federal land, except military bases, drastically reduce the national parks in Alaska, so much land and it could be used by people who want to escape and experience freedom and live in peace.

On Claiming Territory
On The Oceans, We Should claim those seas that are around our own land territories. Since, we are the only nation to land on the moon, it should be our territory and then place it up for sale.

By Doing This, our economic debt would be paid for.

On Protecting Your Border
If your state is bordering a foreign country, you can protect your border with walls and any means necessary.

On Banning Ideologies
Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Zionism, Fascism would be considered an offense and is outlawed and which you would be punished with exile and loss of citizenship.

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